Symposium 2018


Welcome to the 2018 PhotoSymposium Asia.

After a successful inaugural event in May 2017, we are now planning our second instalment for the photo community in Malaysia and the region.

For 2018 we will be running a similar format, on the theme : “Photography as a Medium for Social Change”.

We hope to look at a wide range of social change projects, from the high profile stories like the Rohingya issue, refugees, trafficking, to more ‘closer to home’ stories like domestic abuse, ageing, transgender and LGBT issues, addiction, family matters, self-identities and also including environmental issues like illegal logging, water and air pollution, recycling and the green culture, over-development, politics, marginalisation, indigenous population etc.

Our specialist speakers will share their personal experiences and highlight recent related projects and campaigns with the delegates in addition to advising on project identification, development, research, funding exercises and the final dissemination of projects.

Target audience for the Symposium

We are tailoring the weekend symposium as an educational and community building event that is approachable by all levels of practitioners including students, casual and enthusiast photographers, photography followers and also related practices.

We particularly want to reach out to practicing photojournalists, socio-documentary photographers, photo-activists and social commentators, photography and media studies students, NGO personnels and keen hobbyists to join us and build a community. We would also like to cater to fine art photographers who are developing photo projects that promote awareness and provoke social discourse.

This symposium may be useful to young photographers and students who feel drawn to certain causes and wish to develop photo projects to create awareness, but may need some guidance on strategies and development ideas that may be useful in starting, progressing or completing their projects.


To share strategies and processes on how to identify, research and develop photo projects that involve social change elements, with first hand experience sharing from established and practicing photographers, film makers. Fund raising, targeting the right audiences, working with charities. Modes of dissemination – exhibition, book, online, effective awareness campaigns etc.

Ethics and moral issues encountered during social change projects will also be discussed.

Focus Groups

Delegates are invited to join small Focus Groups during the weekend, to discuss, share and provide feedback on certain ‘topics of the day’. We value dialogue and discussions and would encourage frank and meaningful exchanges that will benefit the community.

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